How much will a fireworks display cost?
Packages start from as little as £595 but can go up to whatever budget you have.
Are you insured & qualified?
Yes; we have Public Liability Insurance up to 10 million pounds and we are covered by Employers Liability Insurance up to 10 million pounds. All our staff are trained to ‘Certified Person with Specialist Knowledge standard in the handling of professional fireworks and our drivers are ADR certified.
Will I need a permit?
No permit or license is required so long as you have the land owner’s permission.
What if my venue insists on quiet fireworks?
Some venues, particularly those in rural locations where there is livestock, require quieter firework displays. But don’t be put off – what may be lacking in noise, we make up for in colour and effects. From Spinning Tourbillions, to Falling Leaves, Horses Tails, Swimming Fish and single shot candles, angled to give depth and width to paint the night sky.
How long will the display last?
The answer to this question is dependent on your budget. Please refer to our price guide.
Will the weather affect the display?
Rain isn’t a problem, but strong winds can cause a few issues, so sometimes we have to make adjustments to the firing site. However, when we do our initial site visit, we take this into account and look for additional firing positions should this happen. It is very rare to cancel a display due to bad weather, so if we did, it would be to protect the safety of you and those attending the display.