Driven by our passion for fireworks, we started life in the firework business by establishing ourselves as one of the most reputable retailers, supplying quality consumer fireworks the length and breadth of the UK. As our business grew, so did the demand from customers to carry out firework displays for them. This is what led us to focus a lot of our time to doing displays and, ultimately, becoming one of the North West’s best fireworks display teams. You can see our displays in Manchester, Liverpool, Preston, Lancashire, Cumbria and throughout the North West.

wedding fireworks displays

Wedding Fireworks Displays


Your wedding day is one of the most memorable days of your life. The whole day is dedicated to the bride and groom and is a celebration of your marriage.

That’s why at Pyrodise we work with you to tailor the perfect fireworks display to compliment your perfect day. You may have a specific colour scheme you want to incorporate, or a particular piece of music you would like fireworks to be set to. Whatever your desire, we are able to visualise and create a display that you will never forget. Love is definitely in the air.

With displays to suit most budgets, our easy to read table explains the packages we offer, including any optional extras you may require. All venues are different, for example, some may only allow low noise displays, so we can help you choose the best package for you.

pyromusical fireworks displays

Pyromusical Fireworks Displays


Using music in a show connects the audience even more with the fireworks and provides a different visual perspective on the art of a pyro display.

Here at Pyrodise we use ‘state of the art’ firing equipment, where we can precisely choreograph fireworks and fire them in time to a musical sound track. Imagine, ostentatious colours streaking the night sky whilst synchronised to your favourite music. We allow our customers to select their desired sound track – whether that be a blast from the past, current day chart music or an operatic piece.

We will then study the music and select fireworks for perfect synchronisation using specialist software, creating a digital representation of the show beforehand. We also provide a high quality PA system to play the music for the show.

corporate event fireworks displays

Corporate Fireworks Displays


At Pyrodise we can easily design a show for any occasion, be it a charity ball, product launch, annual event or even celebrating a company’s milestone. With a catalogue of hundreds of products we can incorporate your company’s colour scheme into the show or even reproduce your company’s logo into lance work.

Public Fireworks Displays


A typical time for a public display is the run up to bonfire night. However we cover a whole range of events from summer music festivals, charity events, prom events and even Christmas lights switch on. We work closely with event organisers as well as local councils and media. Every show is bespoke and any firing site can be considered. We have previously fired from barges in docks, piers on coast lines and roof tops.